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Star Valley Ranch - Trophy Whitetails Star Valley Ranch - Trophy Whitetails Star Valley Ranch - Trophy Whitetails

Sparticus 233 BC @ 3

Missle 326 BC @ 4

SV King David 250 BC @ 2
King Solomon over Baker

Star Valley Ranch - Trophy Whitetails

Gradiator 270 BC @ 3
Gladiator/Grady Jr.

Star Valley Ranch - Trophy Whitetails

Hercules 255 BC @ 3

Star Valley Ranch is a classic Central Texas hunting ranch comprised of 2,400 acres of prime Hill Country real estate. Complete with mountain ranges, deep creeks and heavy hardwood bottoms, Star Valley has everything the discriminating sportsman requires. Situated near Blanket, Texas, on the Brown County and Comanche County lines, Star Valley Ranch is centrally located two hours west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and just two hours north of Austin making travel to the ranch convenient.

Star Valley Ranch is home to our highly selective scientific whitetail deer breeding program. Beginning in 2005, we set out with the ambition and passion to produce trophy whitetails to help improve our pasture herd and the breeding programs of other whitetail deer breeders. Starting with predominately 300 Boone and Crockett typical Texas genetics, our foundation herd has grown to include some of the most well known genetics within the industry. Names such as Max, Maxbo, Sunny Jr., Gladiator, Texas Sam, Bambi 727, Monarch, Bambi Double Drop, King Solomon, Bambi Cactus and Bambi Rambo can all be found within our pedigrees.